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The Mystery of Chanel VIP gifts

In the past few months we received many questions from our users about the authenticity of Chanel VIP gifts on our platform. We notice that these gifts regularly appear on our platform, but where do these gifts actually come from and is it even from Chanel itself? After all, it also says "not for resale" on the packaging.

So we decided to start a special investigation about this topic, for you!

What is a VIP gift?

A VIP gift item is given to a select number of loyal VIP customers who continue to buy at a certain brand. This means that customers who spend more than approx €10,000 on the brand within a given period of time can become a VIP member. The amount varies for each brand, but they all have their own VIP customers, and these customers are usually invited to very special events (not just product launches or special sales) and even attend shows. So of course, you don't just become a VIP customer.

The quality of Chanel

As a VIP customer you will also regularly receive personalised gifts, or for example a birthday gift. But also Christmas and New Year gifts are part of these special moments. Gifts are also distributed to journalists and the press during shows. One thing that is very important to remember is that these gifts always show the luxury of the brand and that the gift is of excellent quality. Real leather, real silver, perfectly crafted. There is nothing cheap about these gifts!


VIP gifts are often confused with GWP, this means "Gift With Purchase" and stands for the gifts you often get at Chanel's Beauty corner. These are often small toiletry bags, travel kits or card holders. GWP gifts are therefore not VIP gifts, just small extra.
These GWP are also not for commercial sale and to be honest, nobody will buy € 10,000 worth of beauty products purely to receive 10 bags and to resell them. It is simply not worth it.

VIP gifts and jewelry at United Wardrobe

As stated above, real VIP gifts are luxury items that are still made with the prestige of Chanel. I hereby also confirm the fact that the Chanel VIP gifts sold on our platform with the plastic packaging and the white "not for sale" card cannot be confirmed on their authenticity.

After receiving several VIP items at our office, we were able to confirm that the quality of this jewelry is so low that it is impossible to compare it with the real VIP gifts.

Example of a "VIP gift" received at our office

What the research on these VIP items has mainly confirmed it the following conclusion: every authentic item that carries the Chanel brand and logo undergoes a rigorous test to deliver a high quality product. Chanel will therefore not allow their brand reputation to be compromised by under-quality products.

In short, these products are not legally authorized by Chanel to be resold or labeled as authentic "Chanel" products by independent sellers, even if they are only GWP.

Our commitment against GWP and VIP items on our platform

Because we cannot confirm the authenticity for the reasons mentioned above, we hereby stop the possibility to sell "VIP gifts" on our platform. At United Wardrobe we care a lot about our users safety. The possibility for our users to buy luxury items without any concerns and having the best experience possible, is a priority.

Since counterfeit items are forbidden by law and is considered a form of fraud, we will continue to fight the fakes and make our platform safe from all the counterfeit. Our team will keep a close eye on this subject and new ads will be blocked. If a user is repeatedly to sell these items, we are forced to block their account.

For more questions on this topic, you can always send us a message at support@unitedwardrobe.com

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