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United Wardrobe and Vinted are joining forces!

From October 27th, United Wardrobe is joining Vinted to make secondhand fashion first choice worldwide. With our shared vision to encourage the growth of responsible fashion and a circular economy, we cannot wait to make an even bigger difference in the fashion world - together with you!

With United Wardrobe joining Vinted, it’s a new chapter that is opening for secondhand fashion lovers who will benefit from the many benefits Vinted is giving to their members.

What's in it for me?

💸 Zero seller fees!
Selling on Vinted is completely free, so you keep everything you make.

⭐ ️A great-value selection of shipping options
For even more flexibility on delivery times and prices, for both local and international shipping!

💸 A bigger community
You will have higher chances to sell more items even faster. You also can explore millions of great items coming from 5 different countries.

What do I need to know?

The UW app and website will still be running in the coming weeks to make sure you have time to close all open orders. The UW platform will fully close in the middle of December, but we will keep you up to date. Until then, you can easily move your account to Vinted! Your items, profile, favourites, reviews, followers and following will all continue their journey at Vinted. Note that the reviews will be shown as anonymous in case the reviewer has not moved his/her account.

The moving should take a few minutes if you are first in the line. Otherwise, it will take a bit more time depending on your position. The waiting time might be a bit longer on the first day.

You can start moving your UW account to Vinted by clicking on the button below. If you want to know more about the details of moving your account, please check our Help Center or send an email to support@unitedwardrobe.com.

How it all started

Back in 2014, Sjuul Berden was observing his sisters spending hours on websites, selling or looking for clothes among offers of vacuum cleaners and furniture. ‘What if there was an app to buy and sell clothes only?’. He talked it through with his fellow students Thijs Slijkhuis and Thijs Verheul, the idea became obvious and United Wardrobe was born. Fast-forward to 6 years later: United Wardrobe has become a platform with 1.5 million items and 4 million members from Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany.

Why are we joining Vinted?

While United Wardrobe was continuing to develop steadily, Vinted faced an exponential growth. The Lithuania-born startup has successfully expanded across Europe and perfected its app over the years to make it an inspiring marketplace for secondhand fashion lovers. In an environment where we’re standing for responsible fashion and a circular economy, we’ve always seen Vinted as a game-changing actor with whom we shared a common objective and ambitious vision for the future of fashion. As a result, it has made perfect sense for us to join Vinted to keep making secondhand fashion the norm altogether ✨

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