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Buying and selling fashion has never been this rewarding!


It’s the time of the year when renewing your closet is top priority. You want to have the coolest festival clothes for all the parties you are attending this summer, but also the new bikinis that you’ve been waiting all winter to buy and wear. What if you could accomplish all this while having the chance of winning a huge prize every week of May?

United Wardrobe gives you this opportunity and introduces UW Win Weeks. Every week you get the chance of winning a new prize, prizes that will make you enjoy summer time even more!

Allow me to explain what exactly UW Win Weeks are, how you can enter the competition, how you can win and most importantly what you can win.


What is UW Win Weeks?

UW Win Weeks has been designed in a way that we want to thank all our users for being part of the UW family, both buyers and sellers. We want you to have fun with it and see the rewards at the end of each week of the campaign.


For how long is UW Win Weeks going to run?

This campaign is going to run for four weeks (30/04 - 26/05). At the beginning of every week, we are going to announce (here on the blog) the prize that you can win for that specific week, but also announce the winner. It will be a fast moving competition and you will see the rewards very quickly.


  Start date End date
Week 1 Monday, 30/04 Sunday, 06/05
Week 2 Monday 07/05 Sunday, 13/05
Week 3 Monday 14/05 Sunday, 20/05
Week 4 Monday 21/05 Sunday, 27/05


How can you enter the competition?

Simple, by either buying or selling a product. Every product bought or sold represents a ticket in the UW Win Weeks. If, for example, you buy 2 products from 2 different sellers, you receive 2 tickets, while each of the sellers receive one ticket.

1 product sold/bought = 1 ticket


How can you win?

As previously said, the tickets represent your entrance in the competition, but also the tickets represents your chance of winning. The more tickets you get, the higher the chance to win the prizes at the end of the week. The amount of tickets places you in the UW Win Weeks list multiple times, which in a simpler way to say means that you have a bigger chance to be announced as the Winner of the specific UW Win Week.


When is the winner going to be announced?

Every Monday at 11:30, we will announce the winner of the previous week. Where? Right here on the blog! Keep an eye out for the blog so you know if you won or not! We will send you an email immediately after that to confirm and discuss all the details on how you will receive your rewards.


Now, let’s get to more exciting stuff!

As said above, every week during the weekly blog, we are going to announce the prize of the specific week. Now, what is the prize for UW Win Week 1?


It’s an iPhone X!!!! How cool is that? Let me tell you this, if I were you I would already go on United Wardrobe and buy a product so I can already increase my chances of winning.

You bought something between 01:00 tonight and now? No worries, you already have a ticket in UW Win Weeks!

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts so you can find amazing items, but also tips and tricks on how to increase the popularity of your closet to be able to sell more and earn more tickets in the Win Weeks!

Good luck and have fun!


United Wardrobe


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